Vous souhaitiez savoir de quoi devrait être fait Elite Dangerous dans les 12 années à venir ?

Nous avons trouvé un document sur « Reddit » un RoadMap de ce qu’ils ont prévu.
Biensur c’est la vision parfaite de ce qu’ils souhaiteraient. mais pas ce que ce sera en réalité.

Seul le futur nous le dira…

Saison 1 – Space

Saison 2 – Horizons – Airless Planets

  • Features as already announced
  • Basic Crafting – e.g. adjusting weapons stats
  • Inc. Thargoids incursions into normal space

Saison 3 – Space Legs

  • In Ship & Dock areas
  • Personal Hanger
  • First person combat
  • Exploring derelicts etc
  • also Player managed ‘powers’
  • Multiple characters allowed

Saison 4 – Atmospheres

  • Flying in atmospheres / Landing on atmospheric worlds without life or cities
    • inc worlds mid terraforming with associated infrastructure
  • Flying through and around clouds
  • ‘Cloud Cities’ in gas giants
  • Space Elevators
  • Atmospheric flight only ships
  • More realistic sun corona
    • Solar research ship that can get closer to stars
  • Mining clouds
  • Weather / Lightning / Aurora
  • Also – new procedural / customisable ship designs

Saison 5 – Planet Life

  • Landing on planets with life but no landing near or entering large cities
  • Full range of life
  • Varied procedural Biomes based on science and environment
    • e.g. takes account of micro climate at that location
  • Hunting, Trading and Collecting life
  • Collect personal cabin Pets! (inc trumbles!)
  • Conservation (Eco terrorist attacks on hunters / miners)
  • Exploration
    • Science Missions
    • Reward for discovery (al a No Mans Sky)
  • Some non-technology native intelligent species
    • think Ewoks!
    • Basic barter system with natives
    • Trading collected indigenous artefacts
  • also Fully Explorable Stations
  • Owning cabin in stations

Saison – Cities!

  • Fully Explorable Cities on planets
  • Faction Territories/Countries on planets
    • Wars/conflict between these factions
  • Owning and managing stations
  • Building depots / outposts in space and on land

Saison – Species

  • Introduces a couple of PLAYABLE species!
  • Also New economy. Everything fully self craftable / tradable including auction house
  • also Head up display improvements (option to view the universe in various non-visible light)
    • e.g. in radio spectrum. This will make space a lot prettier without breaking realism

Saison – Subterranean

  • Caves, surface mining
  • Improved ‘geology’
    • Scan for sub surface minerals
    • Then mining them
  • Full Realistic Mining
    • Landscape deforms based on quantities of materials removed.
    • Size and density of Asteroid fields reduce with mining
    • Open cast and deep mines
  • Sub-surface cities
    • research stations
    • geo-thermal energy
    • military bases
  • Settlements in the sides of canyons, mountains and craters
  • Ability to for our character to ‘climb’ when exploring first person on surfaces

Saison 9 – Underwater

  • Underwater Life / Cities / Ships etc
  • More life to survey / hunt / collect etc
  • also Mega Structures such as orbital rings

Saison 10 – Witch Space (Thargoids)

  • Playable Thargoids!
  • A whole new domain of sub-space
  • Thargoid mega structures / cities in witch space
  • I put this last as I’d rather see the normal domains of the galaxy complete before they invent new ones.

Saison 11 – Ring World civilisations discovered in far corner of galaxy 🙂

  • fully explorable ring-worlds
  • part of a Large scale invasion of an advanced species from Andromeda

Saison 12 – Full moding of your own galaxy content

  • FD starts selling the raw galaxy engine (the stellar forge) for use in other games such as Star Wars, Star Trek and Star Gate
  • Also we take the fight back to Andromeda having reverse engineered their technology.

Saison 14 – ED Universe. Player owned galaxies 😉

  • This is should be really easy to do btw.
  • All we need is the Galactic Hyperdrive back and the a new ‘seed’ for each galaxy.

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