Beta 1 Enfin en ligne

On y est !
Ils ont enfin mis en ligne la Bêta 1 ! Après avoir coupé les serveurs durant toute une journée. ils ont rebranché la prise !

Bon par contre ne vous affolez pas le serveur n’étant pas en ligne on ne peut pas jouer… enfin qu’au mode OFFLINE Combat :'(

Mais déjà grosse amélioration graphique. Pour le peux que nous y avons joué, nous avons constaté une amélioration d’éclairage sur les astéroïdes dans le claire obscure, le fond cosmologique, les planètes et surtout plus fluide la ou nous avions des ralentissements.

Chose rigolote quand on chasse le Side Winder, on voit les étoiles à travers le sasse arrière que le pilote a laissé ouvert…

Voici la liste des modifs et ajout (anglais) :

New Content/Features

– Added Viper
– Added Imperial Fighter (AI only)
– Added Lakon Type 6
– Added text chat
– Added voice comms
– Added missions
– Added fuel consumption
– Expanded playable bubble to 21 ly radius (@50 systems)
– Add support for friends management
– Allow matchmaking through jump to specific island
– Supercruise supports multiplayer
– Add RandomEvents to the current interdiction functionality. Random locations will now be spawned in front of the player while in supercruise
– For new bounties & fines, adding a « Local Security Office » to the contacts menu
– Added server moderated bounties vouchers
– Docking computer added
– Added trade route visualisation to galaxy map
– Add system connections based on fuel to galaxy map
– Added new paintjobs
– Gas giant features dervived from stellar forge data
– Chaff launcher stops scans and confuses tracking weapons but doesn’t effect missiles
– Added new station variants
– Updated trade commodities
– Smuggler AI behaviours added
– Art updates for Orbis station
– Latest audio updates and balance pass
– Hauler art tweaks/updates
– Added new pilot animations
– Large Plasma Accelerator added
– Eagle art updates
– Added ‘rich’ station interior variant
– Added support for much larger accessible bubbles
– Fix up the last of the unsafe GOH use in ShipComponents
– Updated Sidewinder ship art
– Added beacons and associated traffic

Crash Fixes

– Fix NVIDIA Quadro FX 580 crash
– Switch around the order of operations when launch permission times out – no longer crash when this happens
– Fix infinite load when entering a location with a space station (Hangar Greebles)
– Survive LockRect failing to lock
– Fix for hangs in physics during broad phase update where new proxies were being added at > INT_MAX distance from the origin
– Drop Levels robustness: survive failure to allocate a page for the reduced size texture by bailing early
– Fix crash in throttle control
– Survive failed texture load
– Prevent crash when creating hyperspace cloud
– Additional guard against out of memory errors
– Prevent OOM crash when LoctRect fails
– Don’t try to format a potentially epic string as it can overflow the string formatting buffer
– Fix crash on changing damage locations in an anaconda
– Don’t assert that accumulators don’t match if copying from an uninitialised ObfuscatedValue to an initialised one.
– Guard against zero time-step in heat management
– Normalise heat damage vector to prevent div by 0
– Audio: fixed a crash when calculating audio emitter velocity and no physicsworld interface available
– Fix graphics crash when a surface is being closed without first being removed
– For a number of renderers claiming to support multithreaded prerender/render
– Fix for crash on cancelling supercruise
– Bail out of startup if there are no display adapters presents and display a corresponding message
– Fixes for shutting down the game very early
– Fix for a shutdown assert in TargetView. Moved the clear instances step to the end of the frame instead of the beginning
– Avoid crashing if we ran out of GPU memory
– Fix possible crash on shutdown due to cancelling a letter after the letter processor has been destroyed
– Fix crash while in Federal Distress Signal
– Fix crash in AI formation duty
– Avoid crashing if we run out of GPU memory while trying to populate the geometry buffers for planets
– Fix for potential crash caused by space location component getting replications before it has finished starting up
– Prevent crash associated with disappearing station
– If we somehow end up with a bad item name for cargo to eject from wreckage, report the problem and bail out
– Zero-length vector proofing
– Fixed crash when a ship with trail decals gets destroyed
– Audio: on shut-down actually attempt to stop/shut-down the objects before cleaning them up and waiting
– Game no longer asserts or fails to shutdown after a pipeline dump is performed

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